NF Rocks!

NF Rocks!



You can find all the best live music venues and shows right here at! Like the roar of the Falls themselves, you can hear and see great live music all year around in Niagara Falls, NY USA. With more than 15 live music venues, there is something for everyone. The water doesn’t just fall in Niagara Falls, it rock n’ rolls too!

“Whether you’re new to the rock n’ roll scene here in the City of Niagara Falls or a seasoned veteran, the new NF Rocks USA site will provide a comprehensive guide to some of the best and brightest musical talent our City has to offer!” – Mayor Paul Dyster.

The goal of NF Rocks USA is to have this site as the go to tool for promoting live music and live music venues to the over 8 million tourists that visit Niagara Falls and locals alike. If you’d like to contribute information or post your upcoming live music event, please contact us today!

Klear@ the Evening Star – Niagara Falls, USA